Real Estate Legal Services in Sugar Land, TX

I provide assistance with the following legal problems:

  • Foreclosure defense for homeowners;
  • Post-foreclosure eviction assistance for former homeowners and tenants;
  • Drafting landlord/tenant agreements and leases (residential and commercial);
  • Landlord/tenant disputes (residential and commercial), including evictions, repair requests, lockouts, utility shut offs, security deposit reimbursements, and ending tenancy due to military service or domestic abuse;
  • Understanding the home-buying process;
  • Negotiating real estate contracts, including purchases, leases, easements, rights-of-way, and mineral interests;
  • Disputes regarding executory contracts, including contracts for deed and leases with the option to buy;
  • Property tax disputes regarding title, assessment, appraisal, and exemptions/deferrals (limited assistance in Harris County, full assistance in all other counties);
  • Contractor disputes (assistance for contractors and homeowners);
  • Homeowner association disputes;
  • Adverse possession claims;
  • Eminent domain disputes;
  • Ordinance violations;
  • Changing the use of property (e.g. from residential use to commercial use); 
  • Title disputes, including disputes regarding fraudulent liens, creditor liens against homesteads, and partitioning property; and
  • Title research and title clearing.